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A.S. Coomer studied creative writing at Western Kentucky University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BSW. He’s had a great many interesting jobs: child abuse and neglect investigator in Appalachia, custodian, secretary, floorman at a tattoo shop, burger-flipper, family support worker at a food stamp office, manager of a frozen custard shop, to name a few. 

His poetry has appeared in Red Fez, and he’s been nominated for Pushcart Prize.  A S Coomer runs the site Lost Long Gone Forgotten Records

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Reflections Upon Nine Dead Horses

by A.S. Coomer

Another book finds me broken.

Flipping through page after page

Search for something,

Anything that resembles an answer.

Hemingway told me to stick it out

Stoically, brave and ever-ready.

Then the bastard blew the brains out of his head.

Plath mirrored my suffering

Taking pills,


Until the colors bled and the world spun.

I’ve got a foot in the grave,

She ended up with a head in the oven.

There were others, too

That “escaped.”

They all left something beautiful in their wake.

Kindly stepping away from the dwindling limelight of life

And always in bright flashes

They touched or moved something.

It took only a moment: minutes and seconds

In some cases.

Years in others.

But they all left something for me.

Exchanges aren’t always reciprocal.

As you find all I’m leaving is this.

–published in Issue #81 of Red Fez. Recollections upon Nine Dead Horses in Red Fez #81

Just the Sky

by A.S. Coomer

Looking up, towards the sky

but in my mind I’m tearing it down.

Dragging it screaming

to my feet.

I’m going to pick it up,

closely peer through it.

Sift through its translucent blue.

And finally determine

that it is, indeed, just the sky.

There are no parlor tricks



Time Travels

by A.S. Coomer

The days blend slowly, painfully

Into the nights

As the weeks vanish into months

Then the years.

Quickly passing like the fields and trees

Flying by our passenger side windows.

We watch, passively and mute

The different landscapes

Melt into each other

As life quietly rolls on by.


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