Don McKivett

Dr Don McKivett

Don McKivett – In Memoriam

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Bio: Don loved poetry and his poetry was described by his peers as “Cubist”; his mimicry was superb. A founding member of the Toledo Poet’s Center, Don was a mainstay in the annual “Back to Jack” (Kerouac) program. Don was always “on”, large arms, legs out front, and his face in yours, in a warm and kindhearted way though; Don totally dominated any room he walked into whether the people were friends or total strangers. Dr. Don; the perpetual performer.  Don was a large advocate for civil and human rights and decried the injustices wrought upon the poor, the disenfranchised, and the unfortunate. Don was a good and true friend and a sweeter soul you will never find. Don was dearly loved, always fun to be with and a bright and shining light in every day. He left us on June 23, 2013.  He will be dearly missed by his many friends and family members