Douglas V Lutman


Douglas V Lutman

He is Just a Violin Crying in the Dark

A barefaced unspeakable dawn

Creeps up in the weight of living

–crocuses poking through the snow

One by one, crown my brothers

As they crawl through the veil of night

Telling dreams from one another:

The cloudless above our heads

Terrifies nicotine youth-

The silence on a tongue

Giving it a name

Sweetening an age between words-

Of a supine vision tucked in at daybreak

“Let him go,

He is just a violin crying in the dark”


It’s only just begun”

Who Rots Dogwood Blossoms

who threads the ivory needle and
embroiders leaves on twig and bough
tacks on spring buds
beneath the frosty breath
to bring the brittle branches life

who hems the winter desert
with blazing dogwood blossoms
touching magenta thimble thumb
with welcoming aroma

who rots the dogwood blossoms
to fall in a pungent splendor
leaving strung up thread-ends
blowing in the breeze

A Personal Vision of Vanishing Wildlife’s Ode to Joy

childhood eyes reached the lake
the shallow stones off
seemingly endless water

toe of my boot embedded in the dirt

about the feel of
about the sight of
uncovered bits of red siding

beneath the soles of my feet
clamshells and small
minnows darting
in swift dark fleets

“it does smell
but that’s ok
if I suffer from eating it all”


Douglas V Lutman

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Bio: Douglas Lutman in his somewhat flesh-driven works of literary renderings propose questions of gods, human nature and subtle shifts in emotions over events and time. Teasing out the details of specific themes, such as the nature of god, Douglas intricately weaves in a multitude of other, seemingly unrelated, themes in such a lyrical and flamboyant manner that the reader is left with a confounding depth to explore in oneself as well as with the poem.