Lorraine Cipriano


Lorraine Cipriano

In Cairo

Streets requiring disguises
almost on the daily
the photographer used to
dressing like a man
while working to avoid
sexual and physical assault
ready to defend herself
already plotting out
an escape route just in case
still trying to forget memories
of the last story she covered
about hundreds of protestors
taking flowers to Tahrir Square
in memory of all those
that had lost their lives
as part of the revolution and
the young  woman that was killed
after police fired into the crowd
she was standing next to her
the photo that was taken
continues to haunt her
in the middle of the night

Futuristic Flamenco Dance
Probabilistic algorithms, robust and autonomous
mathematical framework, mobile robot mapping
futuristic robots with superhuman abilities
minds of their own, artificial intelligence
robotic fish on undercover science missions
self-governing robots making sandwiches
RoboEarth exists, a wikipedia for robots
sharing knowledge with each other
they are getting collectively smarter
self-driving cars, magnetic roads
unmanned military aircraft systems
swooping down, running for cover
robot jobs- always on the rise
her robotic engineer career is secure
during a brief moment of down time
a percussionist bot improvises jazz music
while a troupe of dancing humanoid robots
leads her imagination momentarily astray
alas, a flamenco dance would not work out
the user experience must be perfected
this obsession will never abandon her

Ahhh…the fresh cotton aroma
clean linen flapping in the wind
dashing back into the house
curtains blowing slightly open
taking the bowl of cherries
picking out the ripest one
quickly knotting the stem
with her tongue, effortless
a challenge of truth or dare
dare to escape her romance?
reveal the truth of his love?
it becomes too much to bear
in the midst of summer’s heat
the beauty of her skin and
the brilliance of her intellect
creates tenderness within
gives life more meaning
makes it slightly more urgent
this longing for enchantment
as he nonchalantly wipes away
the black cherry juice stain
with his tongue, slowly in spirals


Lorraine Cipriano

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Bio: Award-winning poet Lorraine Cipriano enjoys writing poetry that focuses on themes such as steam punk, Buddhism, and feminism. She currently lives with her family in Toledo, Ohio and is the co-founder of a long-running literary series at the Sanger Branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library called “Women Unbound”. She has been published in the “Toledo Poetry Project: Volume 1 Issue 3” by Mara Dauterman and the following publications by Writing Knights Press: “The Squire: Grand Tournament III Anthology”, “Page-A-Day Poetry Anthology 2015”, “1,000 Paper Cranes”, “Writing Knights Press 2014 Anthology” and “The Squire: Grand Tournament IV Anthology”. In November 2014, she released a chapbook titled “Unbound” by Writing Knights Press. She also has a mini-chapbook, “Haikus Gone Wild”, that is printed and distributed for free by Poems for All.