Nancy Jean


Nancy Jean

Recorded Errors

All is not everything
within the spiritual realm of things.
No one though to decide the matter,
fearing when the ashes scatter.
All is all within one’s mind,
stumbling down the paths and winds.
Questions fall through “pulled tight” blinds
believing only the truths we find.
No matter if that truth is shallow
revelations of the cold and hollow.
These answers leave recorded errors
mixed within our sins and prayers.
Holding onto human ways
from which I’ve lived in my day.
Ordering Banquets in my soul
fighting off the wind and cold.
Wanting all I love and share
to surround me in life’s rocking chair.
To tap the gentle rythmned toe
that dances in the moonlight glow.
To hold the spirit deep inside
of joy, of passions sparkling eyes.
To taste of life, to always savor
love and kindness, Nature’s favor.
To feel complete…as one who sees
the faith and comfort…
from my knees.


I spend the evenings
staying up late.
Surrounding myself
with solitude
and thought.
I need this time
to myself
some where amidst
the scattered moments
the strangest thoughts
I am myself,
regenerating; connecting
as one who must be
as strong…as gentle
as a woman can be.


      Pretty Pictures

Pretty Pictures aren’t all they seem,
while hearts are crumbled behind the scenes.
How nice it is to be the favorite
the star, the shine, the silent victim.
“Don’t tell” they say
and children listen.
And some brave ones question
and get misdirected.
For the view from underneath the rug
is limited, smothering, and void of love.
And the mind has ways of doubling,
the pain and sorrow of lost hopes and dreams.
The heart has ways of taking you down,
loyalty, family…all you know….all you want.
It all becomes a jumbled mess
and some fall prey to innocence.
And lost inside these tepid souls
things are lost, the heart grows old.
And time flies forward, time reveals
The old in youth
too much to heal.
Till bitterness grows firm and cold
icy memories that never go.
And time so slow just never ends,
the pain within one never sheds.
The torturous gasping wish inside,
that no one ever saw me shine.





Nancy Jean

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Bio: Publications, Awards, Exhibits & Performances by Nancy Jean.


Notable American Poets/1978
“The Silent Song”

A Different Drummer/1979 & 1980
“Morning Love”
“The Love We Have Made”

The Toledo Blade/1983 to 1986
“The Silent Song”
“Autumn Leaves”
“Winters End”
“Till The Flowers Grow”

Whispers in the Wind/1989
“The Silent Song”

Great Poems of the Western World/1990

Who’s Who in American Poetry/1990

America’s Best Golden Poets

The Toledo Blade/1991
“Before It’s Too Late”

Within Us/1993
“Song of the Rain”
“Once Again”

Published in Pyramid Magazine – “Recorded Errors” February 2006.


Award of Merit, “Sometimes”/1989 Who’s Who in Poetry, “Sometimes/1989
Golden Poet Award, “Sometimes”/1989 Golden Poet Award, “Tossed”/1990
Editor’s Choice Award, “I Have”/2003 WCCOA 2014 Poetry Contest 1st Place

The Toledo Arts Commission Black & White Ball 1994, 1995, 1996 & 2002. (Exhibit of 20ft. poetry wall display during the black and white ball)

’94 & ’95 – Poetry Wall by Writer’s Company designed by Nancy Jean.

’96 – Poetry Wall by Nancy Swartz & Co., designed by Nancy Jean.

2002 – Poetry Art Wall by Nancy Jean.

2003 – Exhibit of Poetry Art by, Nancy Jean – Rossford Arts Commission Summer Series, Rossford Public Library.

2005 – Exhibit of Poetry Art by, Nancy Jean – Perrysburg Arts Commission Exhibit for September 2005, Way Public Library, Perrysburg, Ohio.

2006 – April 17 – May 31, 2006 Month Long Exhibit of Poetry Art by, Nancy Jean at the Maumee Library Art Gallery, Maumee, Ohio.


Performed monthly for 3 years (1993 – 1996) with a local performing arts group called Writers Company. This group also published a book of their collective works titled “Within Us”.

Performed my work on a radio show in Sacramento, California in 1978.

Commissioned Art and Poetry Pieces:

I will make special request pieces for people who are looking for something unique and personalized. I have done numerous wedding, memorials, graduation, thank you, etc. poems and pieces of art for gifts over the years. One of my great talents is being able to put someone’s feelings into words and to be able to create the very thing that they are thinking about.

Current Art Projects and Activities

Currently I do Exhibits of Poetry Art at Art Shows and Fairs in the Ohio and Indiana and Florida. I sell my Poetry Art at local Galleries in the Toledo Area and at a store called “Radical Designs” in Huntington, Indiana.

I create commissioned pieces for people for special occasions as listed in my card. People can tell me what they want to relay and I can make a piece of Poetry Art just for them that is inspired by their own feelings. This makes a very unique gift and a treasured keepsake to mark a special occasion such as a wedding, an anniversary, etc.

I am involved with a local Art Group called Prizm Creative Community and we are very active in Exhibiting and Mentoring Programs.

We recently published a calendar of Winners from our Judged Community Show that took place at The Toledo Library Art Gallery in May 2007. I was honored as a calendar winner by the Judges Leslie Adams and Robert Garcia of Toledo, OH and my Poetry Art piece “Together Let’s Find It…” is featured in that calendar due out September 2007.

Exhibits –

Art-O-Matic Sept. 15 – 17, 2007 Featuring a collection of Poetry Art by, Nancy Jean.

Sales since 2002 have been over 1400 pieces of my Poetry Art Work.

Poetry Collections –

I currently have three collections with the Library House of Congress. They are titled as follows, – “The Silent Song”, “The Shadowed Key”, & “Soul Refrains”.

Permanent Exhibit –

I have exhibited a special piece of artwork that I call “Window on Terror. This piece was placed on display June of 2002 (Art in Public Places) in the foyer outside of City Council at Government Center in Toledo, OH. This Window features poetry recording terrorism against America in 1981, 1991, and 2001.