Toledo Poets

Looking for a poet?  Just want to know who is secretly a poet?  Want to be amazed at our sheer numbers?  Here they are:

The Poets of Toledo

Click on the poet’s name to go to their page where you’ll find their bio, email, links to their website and online videos, and possibly examples of their poetic works.


brandey-april Brandey April

thomasbarden     Thomas E Barden PhD

doncellini  Don Cellini

lorraine     Lorraine Cipriano

AS Coomer A.S. Coomer

Dreadlox33-Ian  Dreadlox33/Ian

ToledoPoet Brad Elliott

 Firsdon     Craig Firsdon

TGeigerPx  TimGeiger

ljhamilton L J Hamilton

VZM.IMG_20151213_164817 (1)   Marc Patrick Kruger

ToledoPoet Deborah Leah Krempa

Kress     Leonard Kress

adrian reading B2J (1)     Adrian Lime

DouglasVLutman     Douglas V Lutman

   Jonie McIntire

Dr Don McKivett  Dr Don McKivett-In Memoriam

Profile PicPatrickL.O’Keeffe

259961_2215339785694_4222372_n  Matt Sradeja

Trina1 Trina Stolec

Stormi Stormi

image1  Nancy Jean

Kerry Trautman  Kerry Trautman

ewjDpcXX   Joe Wells

Kayla  Kayla Marie Williams

Want to be added to our list? At this time we can not add more poets, but check back. We hope to get that feature back up & running in the future.